Technical Consultant

The main objective of the Support Technician (ST) is to act preventively, speeding the problems solution and helping the client use the full potential of the Gasparini Machines. Among the CT"s activities are:

To monitor the work between operator and machine, verifying if the concerning worker is qualified to use all of the equipment"s resources in the correct form.  To instruct and guide the operator to use the resources, optimizing the service time and ensuring the quality of the final result.

Through a survey, enlist the suggestions and complaints from clients related to the equipment and the service, offered by Gasparini.

To offer the Programmed Preventive Service through previously defined proposal, showing the advantages and benefits of this service.

To briefly and clearly evaluate the real needs of the client (materials and trainings) through the visits file.

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Commercial Technician

The Commercial Technician (CT) obtains knowledge and resources necessary to help the client define equipments and tools that best meet your immediate needs. Among the CT"s activities are:

To analyze and evaluate the technical drawings of the parts to be worked by the clients (with cuts and bends).

To provide to the client to study on the bends / cuts, for a better preview of how the part can be executed according to the drawing provided by him.

For emission and delivery of the offer, forward to the commercial department the configuration of the equipment and tools necessary for the client"s work.

Once the client already has the equipment, create offers with the tools necessary for the work which will be performed.

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Gasparini Brazil after sales serves the entire national territory.  We guarantee to our clients quality and specialized service.  Our technicians are constantly trained and updated in our factory.

Our main services:

  • Technical Assistance by Phone - seeks for the problems resolution by phone without the need of a visit by a technician.
  • Remote Technical Assistance - through an Internet connection the remote maintenance service in real time is possible, reducing the time of stalled machine.  Easy to use, economic, and safe.
  • Maintenance contract - programmed preventive maintenance, reduced time of stalled machine and greater efficiency for your machine.
  • Technical Delivery of the machine.
  • Spare Parts.
  • Folding Retrofitting / Guillotines.
  • Adequacy of NR12
  • Trainings.

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